Trap Flutes Vol 1


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The Magic of Flutes in your Beats
As many industry hit makers of the moment are starting to include ethnic instruments to their productions, we present to you “Trap Flutes” a saucy collection of Flute samples, perfect for a Trap Music production.
Bring the sound of authentic real-world instruments to your music, now with this 100%
royalty free collection!
Trap Flutes Vol 1 features over 140 Loops, produced by our multi-platinium sound
designers. Every minute tone, nuance and outward breath has been captured with
immense clarity – bringing a melodic high and effortless air to your productions.
LBandyMusic always keep the producer in mind, offering Loops at tempos to suit a
range of Trap styles, played with passion and expertise. They come in a range of tempos between 98-165 Bpm and include many keys and scales,
The kit also comes with a pack extra loops (drums, keys, bells, 808s ...) and a folder of
Midi files to let you use the melodies with other sounds.

Components :
60 Flute Loops & Samples
50 Midi Files
30 Extra loops (Drums, 808, Bells, Keys ...)
Size : 300 MB
Formats : WAV / MIDI
100% Royalty Free
Keys and BPM included

Trap Flutes Vol 1