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Download Royalty Free Music Samples, VST Plugins, Beat Making Software, Presets, Loops, Free Drum Kits and more.

Sonic Sound Supply is the ultimate place to find the best royalty free music samples. With the latest sounds from established music producers & industry recognised beat makers, we pride ourselves on offering royalty free samples and loops. All of our sample packs come packed with the best music samples, produced, prepared and formatted to work with your beat making software.

We’ve got the best sample packs for Trap, Hip Hop, Future Bass, EDM and loads more, with hundreds of the best music sample packs and best vst plugins available to download instantly, we have the production tools you need to make new music.  Our royalty free music samples come from artists, producers and instrumentalists across the globe, ensuring you get the best loops played and recorded at the highest quality by seasoned professionals and top studio engineers.

Download royalty free sounds from our website, where you’ll find exclusive content each week to add to your music sample library. Browse our entire catalogue and discover more royalty free music loops - download samples you like, which integrate seamlessly with the major daws.

Our royalty free music samples are organised and labeled ensuring when beat making you stay in key and get the tempo right, and in the most popular formats, with high quality wav files, midi files and preset banks.

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Free Drum Kits 2020

Free Drum Kits: The Best Drum Sample Kits In 2020! Download free drum kits, midi kits, preset kits and much more! Enjoy your Free Kits and don’t...
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9 Ways how to make beats faster

1. Limit yourself to a number of instruments.
2. Have a go to drumkit.
3. Start with melodic elements, then drums.
4. Stay dedicated (Hardest tip yet).
5. Perfectionism is your enemy.
6. Simple melodies just work.
7. Cut all distraction off.
8. Start and finish.
9. Learn shortcuts of your daw (Bonus tip).

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