Perkys Calling Percussion Kit


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70 One Shot Percussion Samples (WAV)

The "Perkys Calling Perc Kit" is filled with 70 Custom Recorded Percussions, Processed by Myself(Brandon Chapa). This kit is an essential, must-have addition to your percussion arsenal.
We as producers always need new sounds right? Well Brandon Chapa went back into the lab to create a percussion kit from scratch just for you! Each sound inside of this kit was recorded by B and processed by him as well.
Which means this kit was made entirely from scratch and is perfect for any modern production style.
There will be absolutely no recycled sounds in this pack so don't panic.

Download your copy today today to spice up your production.

Product Includes:
70 one shot percussion samples
24 bit WAV format
19mb of content (unzipped)
8,3mb of content (zipped)
Perkys Calling Percussion Kit