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The Black Book

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The Black Book

The Black Book was designed not only to give you the best chance at making some amazing new beats but also the chance to contact 500 potential paying new customers. All 500 email contacts have been actively buying beats in the last year, your only mission will be to convince them to buy from you. But lets do some simple maths.

Imagine you do a ridiculous offer of 5 beats for $5 and every one of those 500 contacts goes for the irresistible deal. You would make $2500 from one email blast. Not bad considering this kit only cost $100 and you also get 3 of our top selling kits included in the Black Book package.

Bonus: As a bonus our top selling kit Made in 1993 with a open collab with grammy award winner Foreign Teck of the The Mekanicss is one of those 3 kits.

Whats kits included in the package:

  • 500 active paying customer emails
  • Made in 1993 + Open Collab
  • New God – Limited Edition
  • Taylor Gangs/Wiz Khalifas very own producer Sledgren best selling kits: Sledgro + bonus 56 Grams kit
  • An additional 20 free emails just incase any of the previous 500 emails don’t respond
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