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Logo Template v1

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Logo Template v1

Logo Template v1

We have just released a logo template pack that everyone can benefit from, create a logo to make your brand stand out from the rest. 

This pack come with 10 different logo templates that are fully customizable, meaning you can create an amazing logo that won't cost you $100s of dollars.

With this pack you can take the time to make a logo that fits your brand like a glove. 

Why did we create this pack? 

Because your brand is everything. A pair of sneakers are worth $3 to make, but add a NIKE badge and you can see that price go sky high, You understand right? Well the same goes for your brand, any product you release needs to look legit and a logo is the most important starting point.

This pack includes the following contents: 

  • 10 Fully customizable logo templates
  • 59 Of the best Type fonts on the web
  • 4 Custom Clef Shapes
  • 2 Custom Keyboard Shapes
  • 6 Custom Play Buttons
  • 8 Alternative Custom Shapes
  • PSD Template File
  • Video tutorial explaining how to use the pack
  • 100% Royalty Free Designs - You will own the logo

Requires you have adobe photoshop to use this pack.

Want a logo but don't want to create it yourself, get in touch for a custom logo: 

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