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The Coldest Bells Around

Brando Chapa just dropped something ICY for Omnisphere 2.

This bank is called Glacier Inside are 20 very chilly bells with an exclusive bonus patch perfect for any modern style production

Cooking up Trap, Hip Hop, Pop, Reggaeton, EDM, Drill, or even a rock song? This bank can add an icy feel to your production.

If your arsenal needs some Bells that aren't dull or boring then this bank can help cool you over for a good amount of time.

Inspired by Darkness, Brightness and Chilling Sounds. 

Product Includes:
20 Custom Omnisphere Bell Patches
1 Bonus Pluck Patch
Omnisphere 2.4 Required
75.6 MB Zipped
76.2 MB Unzipped