EVOL Workstation


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EVOL Workstation is what every music producer has been looking for for a very long time. Thanks to it you will produce even better instrumentals in the style of TrapUK Drill or RnB. This plugin gives you instant inspiration for new sounds that are rare and give you a real boost. Just like our other plugins e.g. Guerilla Nation or Turbo BoostEVOL plug-in is equipped with basic effects that can complement the perfect sound of prepared high-quality samples.

The plug is susceptible to velocity so it will sound completely different when pressing the keys.

Additionally, we have equipped Moodwheel with a cool option that will add vibrations while playing. Use it to change the vibration intensity.

EVOL Workstation has 100 unique and unusual sounds prepared specially by our team.

There you will find categories such as:
– 808
– Bells
– Brasses
– Basses
– Flutes
– Guitars
– Keys
– Leads
– Organs
– Pads
– Plucks
– Rhodes
– Strings
– Subs
– Synths

EVOL Workstation is a must-have plugin in your collection! Other manufacturers are already using it, so why should you fall behind?

EVOL WorkstationEVOL Workstation