808 Gravity


$5.00 $14.95

We are proud to bring you “808 Gravity” a bass preset bank for NI Massive Plugin. It includes 22 high-quality custom presets that will help you create interesting 808s and basslines.

From deep and fat sub-bass to distorted and gritty 808, "808 gravity" provides you a large variety of bass presets for all of the production your needs. All of our presets have macro-enabled so that they fit in any beat.

Our goal for this sample pack was to make a “polished”, ready to use a collection of 808 basses – so you get amazing 808’s without touching a knob. You can get to work knowing that the 808’s you are using are of the best quality, and processed perfectly

By purchasing this kit you'll get:

  • 11 modern 808 presets
  • 11 deep sub-basses
  • Rich and tight 808s
  • Versatile presets with macro
  • 100% unique custom presets
808 Gravity